About Us

SISS LIMITED is a trusted company in Hong Kong providing impressive works of art that offers functionality and uniqueness of forms and textures.

Originating in the Philippines, our company was leading manufacturer of high-end home and garden decoration for the past 20 years. Our company's mission is to provide customer satisfaction in best design, quality, cost-effective in timely manner.

We design and manufacture with unique processes which resulted in extensive lightweight and durable products. We have a core line of our own products but the bulk of our business is in the manufacturing of a wide range of custom OEM lines.

We welcome you to choose from our wide range of products which includes vase, planter, pedestal, bowl, jar, urn, pots, wall decor, figurine, candlestick, lighting, fountain, furniture and Christmas products.

We appreciate your patronage and will continue to do our best to offer you the latest styles and designs at very competitive prices.

Tan Peng Keong – Founder and President
B.B.A. in International Trade
University of Arkansas.